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2011 brings a fresh change for the City of Lathrup Village and Texas Township, two Michigan communities with new clearzoning ordinances. Both the City and Township transformed their existing zoning ordinances into user-friendly, easy-to-understand hyperlinked ordinances that are available on the internet.  These efforts are seen as economic development tools for these communities.

While most communities do not typically make big changes to their zoning ordinances with clearzoning, Lathrup Village took the opportunity to consolidate zoning districts and create new zoning districts that more appropriately address the needs of the community. This suburb of Detroit is in an ideal location and is ripe for redevelopment. Hoping to upgrade their main commercial corridor, Southfield Road, the City embarked on a master plan process that lead to the vision of a downtown, right in the heart of the corridor. The new clearzoning code includes a form-based element, the Village Center District, to provide more direction for the form the new downtown area should take as this new district is developed.

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