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The City of Fairmont, WV, courtesy of Mainstreet Fairmont.

The City of Fairmont, WV, image courtesy of Mainstreet Fairmont.

Clearzoning is pleased to be working with the city of Fairmont, West Virginia on a project to transform their zoning code with a new layout, graphics, and organization. This update will result in an ordinance that is available online and in paper format. The new code will be particularly useful in its electronic format, where hyperlinks between sections will help users better understand how zoning regulations impact new development and redevelopment. This new code will allow users to get the answers to basic zoning questions any time of the day or night, saving time for the user as well as for City staff.

Additional information on this project is available from the City of Fairmont, and from the Times West Virginian, in an article published on June 25, 2014.