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Traffic Engineering Consulting

The staff of Clearzoning, Inc. provides expert traffic engineering services ranging from traffic-focused site plan review and traffic impact studies to traffic crash analysis and road safety improvements.

Development Review
When a new site or development plan is submitted to a community, Clearzoning reviews the plan to evaluate:

– Parking circulation
– Driveway access and spacing
– Need for driveway improvements
– Sight obstructions
– Number of parking spaces
– ADA parking requirements
– Pedestrian circulation
– Truck and emergency vehicle access
– Transit implications.

The community will be provided with a well-written review letter that can assist the applicant, staff, planning commissioners, and others. CZ staff will work to establish a fee schedule so that the cost of this service is passed on or shared with each applicant. This can be a no-cost service to the municipality.

Traffic Crash and Safety Studies

The University of Michigan reports that a crash occurs on Michigan roadways about once every 2 minutes, on average.  Some crashes are largely attributable to single obvious causes, such as drunk driving or “texting” on a cell phone.  However, many crashes are affected by a combination of factors that might include:

  • Unusual roadway design
  • Traffic control feature(s) different than the driver expected
  • Poor visibility due to darkness and/or weather
  • An unforgiving roadside

The likelihood of crashes and/or severe injuries occurring can generally be reduced by improving the roadway, roadside, and/or traffic controls (i.e., pavement markings, signs, signals). Learn more about how communities can direct their limited safety improvement funds by creating a more cost-effective local safety program based on a comprehensive traffic crash study. March 2013 – Traffic Crash Studies

Traffic Impact Studies

The existing or anticipated impacts of new development can be planned for by conducting a traffic impact study. A traffic impact study forecasts changes in trip generation and assigns new trips to the road network. It can also anticipate traffic flow changes from other new developments or road improvements that are planned in the study area. The results of the analysis assist stakeholders with a better understanding of traffic improvements that may be necessary to mitigate the impact of new development.

Contact our staff to learn more about traffic engineering consulting services.