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Google recently announced that it will prioritize results from Google searches in order of those that are “mobile friendly.”  Why is this important?  Many citizens and business owners “Google” their local government’s website rather than memorize the website address (URL). What can local governments do to respond?  Check your site using Google’s free tool. If your site is not mobile friendly, contact your current webmaster to determine what is necessary to improve the site to resolve these issues. Alternatively, consider a new, more user-friendly website that works just a well on a desktop as a mobile device.

Clearzoning, Inc. is now providing website design and development services. We have taken concepts we developed with our Clearzoning product and applied them to website design to assist local governments with offering a user-friendly and informative website experience.  Please visit www.NewGovernmentWebsite.com for more information on website design services.  Additionally, our April 2015 newsletter explores website and social media issues that are important to local governments, including townships, cities, and villages.


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Website Design for Local Government Service Profile - Michigan