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Ira Township is the first municipality in St. Clair County to have a Clearzoning Ordinance


Ira Township, Michigan – The Ira Township Board has adopted a new zoning ordinance. The ordinance was prepared with the assistance of Clearzoning, Inc., the Township’s planning consultant, over the course of six months. The Clearzoning team completely re-organized the Township’s existing Zoning Ordinance into a new seven-article structure, with simplified language and illustrations that make spatial and locational standards easy to understand.

In addition to amended provisions and a re-organized structure, the Clearzoning format is designed to be accessible on the web and fully interactive. The electronic document is formatted with linked menus on all pages, as well as linked definitions and references to other sections of the ordinance that enable users to quickly and easily navigate the document without having to go through the ordinance page by page. The document is fully searchable, making it easy to find provisions relevant to the project at hand.

The Township sees many advantages to the electronic format, including the ease with which the Ordinance can be updated, as well as the ability for the Township to simply post the document on its website, instead of using a separate code-hosting service. Township Clerk, Crystal Sovey, looks forward to sharing the new ordinance with the public, “The new zoning ordinance is very user friendly and easy to navigate.” The Ordinance can be shared via download from the Township’s website as well as sent through email, meaning the Township has a cost-effective alternative to providing paper copies of the Ordinance to the public. However, in addition to its useful electronic format, the Ordinance is printable and can be easily read in color or in black and white.

During the re-organization process, Clearzoning also performed a health assessment on the Township Zoning Ordinance, identifying a set of amendments to pursue as a follow-up project. The Ira Township Planning Commission has begun working on these amendments and hopes to finish by May 2016.

Ira Township is the first community in St. Clair County to have an interactive Zoning Ordinance. According to Clearzoning Associate Planner, Joe Tangari, “We think this is a great way for the Township to use everyday technology to both improve the development review process as well as encourage quality development.”


Ira Township is located in St. Clair County, Michigan, and surrounds Anchor Bay, which is part of Lake St. Clair. The Township has a population of approximately 7,000 people in an area covering 18 square miles. Two towns are included in the Township: Anchorville and Fair Haven. The Township Supervisor is Robert McCoy.