City of Croswell

City of Croswell – Comprehensive Plan


The City of Croswell recently completed a Comprehensive Plan process.  The Comprehensive Plan is a long-range vision for the future of the community and it serves as a guide for how the city can become the place it strives to be.  The plan provides a framework for decision making, and prioritizes and directs development policies in different areas of the community.  

Croswell’s Comprehensive Plan consists of five, interconnected plans:

  • Master Plan
  • DDA Plan
  • TIFA Plan
  • Recreation Plan
  • Proposed NIA Plan

Giffels Webster assisted the city in developing a  plan that is engaging, understandable, and complete with clear implementation strategies to help the community move forward to achieve its vision and goals.

The Comprehensive Plan was adopted on March 6, 2017.  Thank you to everyone involved in this process, as the plan could not have been completed without your help!

City of Croswell Comprehensive Plan