Muskallonge Lake State Park

Clearzoning is helping Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources Parks & Recreation Division (DNR-PRD) with the development of a General Management Plan (GMP) for Muskallonge Lake State Park.

GMPs are long-range planning documents that depict a park’s importance in terms of natural resources, historic and cultural resources, recreational and educational opportunities, and economic value.  A key aspect of a GMP is the Management Zone Plan, which reflects the land preservation goals and recreation programming for different areas within each park. Management Zones are developed based upon input from DNR experts, key stakeholders and the community.

The development of the General Management Plan begins with the assembly of a Planning Team from various specialists within the DNR.  The Planning Team typically includes the Park Manager, Regional Planner, District Supervisor, Stewardship Unit staff, and a Recreation Division Management Plan Administrator.  In addition, staff from all of the DNR Resource Division participates, including Law Enforcement, Wildlife, Fisheries, Forestry and Mineral’s Management.

The plan was completed and approved on February 1st, 2017.  A copy of the approved plan can be accessed through the links below.

Thank you to all who have participated in this planning process.

More information on the General Management Planning process is available at the DNR’s Park Management Planning website:


  1. I have visited Muskellunge SP once and enjoyed the experience along the shore. I hope to return in 2016. My main concern with this, or any other state park, is KEEP DRONES OUT OF THEM ALL. Maintain trails and visitor facilities in good condition.

  2. I have noticed while making reservations this summer that large sections of the campground are “unavailable or closed” before reservations are allowed to be made. Is there some type of construction or something going on in the park? I am worried! I have been concerned ever since the survey and the notion that things were going to be updated, improved or however it was worded. Love it just the way it is and has always been!! My family has been visiting religiously for over 50 years. The first section was ruined several years ago as now there is no room to breath over there. I hope whatever is happening doesn’t take more away from the parks true beauty! Is there anywhere we can get updates or information about what is in the works? Thank you!!

    • During the 2016 season campsites 17, 19, 81-101, 103, 106-130, 134-136, 138, 139, 145-147, 152, 154-156 will be reduced to semi-modern (no electricity available on the campsite) at a rate of $18 per night for local sale only, which means the sites are non-reservable and available on a “first come first served” basis only. An important part of our Mission within the DNR Parks and Recreation Division and at Muskallonge Lake State Park is to provide a safe camping experience for our visitors. Critical replacement parts for campground pedestals in this portion of the campground are no longer available which prevent the electric system from being repaired in a code compliant and reliable manner. Completion of a campground electric design and upgrade is a high agency priority to address the aging electric infrastructure.

      All other campsites will remain reservable with electric service on site at a modern rate for the 2016 season.

      We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to accomplish the necessary repairs and provide you with the best possible camping experience. Please check the website or contact the park directly at 1-906-658-3338 for updates on repairs and site availability.

      • When do the repairs begin and end? We usually camp in August every year. Will there be heavy construction going on?

  3. Just wanted you to know how much my husband and I love this park. We have only made 2 day trips while travelling through the UP, and plan to stop again this summer. We spend hours down along the beach, looking for rocks, etc. It’s nice because it isn’t crowded, the facilities are nice (stairs to beach, bathrooms,etc) and the people who work there are friendly and helpful. We would consider camping there, though we felt Section 1 could use a few more trees…
    Also, we tried finding the trails to hike around, but they didn’t seem very well marked, and we weren’t familiar enough with the area to just forge ahead by ourselves.
    We hope this park remains, with whatever improvements you feel are necessary. We are looking forward to spending time there again this summer. It is a hidden gem!

  4. Please keep the county road to the west unpaved/gravel. This adds to the rustic feel and nature of the remote Lake Superior Shoreline. Like Gail said it is a hidden gem! I hope it stays that way.

  5. Strongly endorse plan elements regarding invasives control, cabins and wi-fi. Park is a real gem, and preserving it remoteness character is important. Would like to see climate change specifically addressed in at least longer term planning. Several DNR divisions have published climate analyses, esp. Forestry, fisheries and wildlife, and MSU has on-going studies and results with tourism implications that should be referenced. Camping and summer recreation seasons will expand, forest species and habitats are in flux. USDA and ngo’s have published extensively on UP-specific likely effects and economic impact. Please include such considerations in final. Thanks! — John Forslin / Climate Reality Project

  6. Besides upgrading the electrical systems for the camp sites, why not run water and sewage plus Internet? After all, you’re digging everything up anyway, this is your last chance to do it right and have it over with.

    Just love the area.. My wife and I come to this beautiful camp grounds twice a year.


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