DeWitt Township

DeWitt Township – Comprehensive Plan

Old hotel 10DeWitt Township is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan.  A comprehensive plan is a long-range vision for the future of the community and it serves as a guide for how the Township can become the place it strives to be.  The plan will provide a framework for decision making and will prioritize and direct development policies in different areas of the community.

Two highlighted areas of this plan are:

  • Future Land Use Plan
  • Redevelopment Ready Communities

Giffels Webster, the Township’s planning consultant, is assisting the Township in developing a  plan that is engaging, understandable, and complete with clear implementation strategies to help the community move forward to achieve its vision and goals.

DeWitt Township Community Survey

All members of the community are invited to take the Comprehensive Plan Public Input survey, online at  This survey will be open until November 22nd.

DeWitt Township Business Survey

Business owners are encouraged to participate in the DeWitt Township Business Survey, online at The purpose of the survey is to help understand the current conditions and needs of the Township’s business community. This survey will be open until November 22nd.


Picture This! DeWitt

The public is also encouraged to their thoughts on Dewitt Township both in pictures and words through Picture This! DeWitt.  This platform will be open to submittals until November 30th.


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