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A zoning ordinance is the most important tool a community has to direct growth and redevelopment. Outdated, unclear, and confusing zoning ordinances are hard to use and often do not result in the kind of growth and redevelopment the community envisions. That is why the city of Brighton is moving forward with a project to not only update zoning standards, but also to reformat the ordinance is a way that is more user-friendly. Assisting the city with this project is the community planning firm, Giffels Webster, who prepared a zoning ordinance “health check up” for the city last year.

The Brighton Zoning Code has not been comprehensively addressed since 1981. Over the next 16 months, the city and the Giffels Webster team will update development standards based on master plan recommendations, a recent parking study, the East Grand River Study, and other necessary updates to keep the city’s standards up to date with state and federal legislation.

Brighton City Manager Nate Geinzer is looking forward to getting this project started. In his presentation to City Council, he noted the Giffels Webster team’s responsiveness to the City, their level of expertise and unique qualifications, as well as their familiarity with changes in laws/court decisions impacting planning/zoning and best practices. He is particularly looking forward to the new user-friendly final product.

The public is encouraged to participate in this workshop and to follow progress on the zoning project; opportunities for input and meeting dates will be shared on the city’s website: www.brightoncity.org