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Downtown Clawson Master Plan

2014-2015 Downtown Clawson Master Plan

Photo from 2011 Downtown Block Party

2011 Downtown Block Party

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA), in conjunction with the Planning Commission, has updated the City’s 2004 Urban Framework Plan and 2009 Master Plan chapter on Downtown.  The Downtown Master Plan Update considered recent planning documents, including the 2014 Downtown Visioning Report. It also incorporated the Next Steps for Downtown assessment process developed by Giffels Webster | Clearzoning. As part of the planning process, the Planning Commission held a public open house in September 2014 and conducted an online survey. A public hearing was held on October 13, 2015. The Planning Commission, DDA, and City Council have adopted the Plan.

Check out previous studies on the DDA’s website:  www.DowntownClawson.com

Contact Info

For additional information, please contact the Clawson DDA at 248.435.5299 or online at www.downtownclawson.com

In October and November 2015, the Planning Commission, DDA, and City Council all adopted the Downtown Master Plan, which is available here.

The presentation for the Planning Commission’s October 13, 2015 public hearing is available.

Below is a link to the August 26 presentation about the existing conditions given by our team:

Slides from Downtown Clawson Kickoff Meeting - June 11, 2014

Slides from Downtown Clawson Kickoff Meeting – June 11, 2014