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In 2008, Grand Blanc Township created a framework for development in the south central portion of the Township; this framework was incorpfeature r dorated into the Township’s 2013 Master Plan Update (right). This area of the Township is easily accessible from I-75, which provides connections to Oakland County, metropolitan Detroit, as well as Flint and destinations north. This connectivity has supported the development and expansion of the Genesys Health System along with other medical and financial offices. The area has the potential to develop into a high tech employment center that includes a mix of office, housing, retail, restaurants, and entertainment uses. Recent local development factors such as the proposed extension of Dort Highway to the south will impact growth within the Township and provide additional connectivity.

Giffels Webster assisted Grand Blanc Township in the formation of its Technology Village Plan.

Grand Blanc Township’s Technology Village will be known as a thriving ‘New Economy’ center. It will be a place where people will desire to work, live, and play. Its vibrancy will also serve to attract young people educated in ‘knowledge economy’ and ‘high tech’ jobs.

Tech Village is envisioned as an incubator for high-tech businesses, research and development facilities and educational institutions. Site design and improvements will be of high-quality materials, and integrate energy efficient and environmentally sound (green) principles and practices.

At the center, uses will facilitate social interaction through a variety of housing in proximity to restaurants, retail, service, entertainment, cultural facilities and recreation.

Transit to Bishop Airport will be available, and a multi-use pathway system will connect uses within the Village, as well as destinations in Grand Blanc Township, the City of Grand Blanc, and the region.

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For additional information, please contact the Grand Blanc Township Planning Department at 810.424.2766