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A clear and concise, easy to use zoning code helps communities achieve consistent quality development.   A user-friendly zoning code can be one of the strategies to set your community apart from others by making regulations easy to understand and evaluate.  From zoning amendments that reflect the community vision, land use policy, and current development patterns to a complete reformatting of the ordinance, Giffels Webster can help your community achieve envisioned growth and development.



Giffels Webster helps communities create plans that are blueprints for the future. The Master Plan sets public policies regarding growth and development and are intended to guide local decisions on public and private uses of land, as well as the provision of public facilities. Recreation plans, downtown plans, corridor plans, and area plans are other great tools that help provide a clearer, more focused concept for how an area should change over time. Often, these plans can be used as a foundation for economic development strategies, showing residents, businesses, and property owners how the community envisions the future.




Efficient and effective traffic circulation is important for safety, mobility, land use, and logistics.  Giffels Webster can evaluate planned or existing traffic circulation patterns at various levels and provide useful, realistic approaches to maximize safety and traffic flow within a site, between sites, or within a community.