The Planning Team of Giffels Webster offers a wide range of planning, zoning, transportation, and implementation services. More information about our services may be found below.


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zoning mapZoning 

Sustainable Zoning Practices: Creating regulations that reflect economic, social, and environmental strategies for now and the future

Zoning: Developing regulations to implement to master plan goals in a format that people understand

Form Based Codes: Establishing regulations that help create “place”

Zoning Ordinance Sustainability Audit: Assessing development regulations in light of supporting positive environmental, economic, and community goals, with consideration of future generations


lakeshore pavilionPlanning 

Master Plans: Creating a vision for the future and an action plan to get there

Recreation Planning: Enhancing and creating community amenities to promote public health and attract talent

Engaging Community Partners: employing a variety of tools to encourage impactful community input

Corridor Improvement Authorities: Revitalizing a commercial corridor to satisfy needs of the community



Complete Streets: Designing roadways to safely serve users of all ages and abilities

man walking bicycle on sidewalkTraffic, Parking and Circulation Studies: Promoting efficient and effective traffic circulation to encourage safety and mobility.

Parking Consulting:  Reducing impervious surfaces and creating opportunities for economic development by efficient use of parking areas.

School Traffic Solutions: Helping communities and school districts make sense of and correct their traffic problems.

Traffic Crash Studies: Mitigating traffic safety problem areas through a comprehensive safety assessment and action strategy.

Traffic Review Services: Providing development and traffic circulation advice regarding new development and redevelopment


outdoor diningImplementation

Development Review:  Looking at the big picture and small details of new development, redevelopment, and quality of life.

Development Review Procedures: creating clear, user-friendly, readily accessible review procedures and forms.

Downtown Organization Support: Moving downtown revitalization agencies forward with training and support

Grant Writing: Finding funding for projects that enhance the community

Promotional Strategies & Materials: Conveying information to the public, stakeholders, and community leaders in a professional and engaging manner.

NextSteps for Downtown: Creating a path to ideas and solutions for downtowns and commercial corridors.


Web Design and Social Media

We are now offering affordable web site development services for local governments.  For years, Clearzoning, Inc. has been creating new web sites and web pages for planning projects. During this time, our staff has observed that many small cities, townships, and villages may have a web presence, but many of their web sites are not visually appealing and are not kept up-to-date. Clearzoning now uses its expertise in design and information services to take local government web sites to a new level. Learn more.


Next Steps for Downtown

NEXTSTEPS for Downtown® is a service from Giffels Webster that offers communities an opportunity to improve and invigorate downtown areas. NEXTSTEPS for downtown® is a path to ideas and solutions. Our staff will conduct an intensive assessment that includes a walking tour of downtown and informal conversations with stakeholders. The results of the NEXTSTEPS process will be a toolkit highlighting 1) downtown strengths and opportunities, 2) action items to enhance downtown (i.e., Next Steps), and 3) best practices – what is working in other successful downtowns. The toolkit will include an interactive disk and implementation worksheets that will keep the NEXTSTEPS momentum going.

The entire process is designed to take place over a 60-day period from the site visit to delivery of the final report. NEXTSTEPS is the place to start on a path towards solutions for downtown.